About Us

Striving to be the best

Over the last 15 years we’ve built a reputation as a company that always goes the extra mile and excel in communication and training. We believe in education first in order to be top of our field and keep up to date in a sector that is used to change. Working for global brands and smaller South Wales based businesses we’ve helped them build healthier, safer and happier working environments for their employees and customers a like.


Education is key to successful HSE management

Socially conscious

Putting people first is at the heart of what we do.

Attention to Detail

Nothing can be overlooked, so we check everything.


We donate at least 10% of all profits to charitable causes.


Linde Testimonial

“Over recent years we have worked closely with Andy Hoskins of Hoskins Consulting Ltd to assist in the delivery of our HSE training requirements. Andy has worked with mixed groups of employees from all levels of the business, delivering the important messages and requirements of health, safety and environment in a clear and understandable fashion. His unique style has made the serious and potentially dry subject of HSE legislation an enjoyable learning experience. The combination of his in depth knowledge with real world applications has helped to inspire our employees to drive the HSE requirements throughout the business and created a more positive and pro-active HSE culture. ”

Founder & CEO

Andrew Hoskins


Where we are located

South Wales

We are based in the heart of the South Wales valleys, 30 minutes from Cardiff, Swansea and the M4. We have long term clients in the area from the construction, manufacturing and entertainment sector. However, we do also work throughout the UK and beyond and are competent and capable of working in every sector.
Our Projects

Charitable Projects

The cost of Health and Safety

The Occupational Health and Safety Administration has assessed that every week, employers pay £1 million in compensation for employee injury or ill health due to employer negligence in establishing a safe and healthy working environment.